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Here you can find much of my artwork. for audio stuff. I hope you enjoy ;)
Abr 18 '14

(Fuente: sinkabeza)

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Abr 14 '14

(Fuente: sinkabeza)

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Mar 27 '14

Tags: mcfly marty mcfly back to the future Retro pixel art lofi fakebit

Mar 9 '14

(Fuente: sinkabeza)

31 notas Tags: glitch glitch art glitchart art vhs vj vjing picture fakebit music imagebent image circuit-bent circuit bending

Mar 5 '14

(Fuente: sinkabeza)

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Feb 15 '14

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Ene 30 '14

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Ene 27 '14

(Fuente: sinkabeza)

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Ene 1 '14
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Click for gif!

Tags: FakeGlitch drift dithering desktop image sinkabeza car

Dic 24 '13

6 notas Tags: SinkaBeza über REICH flag over reichstag 8bits pixel art Dadá gif sinkabeza picture image imagebent FakeGlitch